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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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> >>. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm with sfgovtv i'm here to discuss prop a that will be before the voters in tuesday >> the health care truth fund was for health care correspondents that would substantially there. the 5 member board passed the fund they mate not use the fund
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to pay for the costs until january 20, 0200. preparing will allow the bodies to make payments from the fund only as the cities account balances to fully funded it has to be large enough to pay for the costs as they're due and thus, the cities total payroll costs can't go over 10 percent. they must allow the payment and they're limited to no more than 10 percent of the cities account or the governor and the trust board passed it. they would allow only if the agrees fund account or two-thirds of the agencies funding board and the trust
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board productive. a yes vote means you want to change the charter from the health care trust funneled only under specified circumstances a no vote i don't want to make those changes. i'm here with supervisor marking feral and he proponent of preparing >> thanks. having me. i'd like to start with supervisor farrell why do you believe this prop a is important >> i started working on this when our city controller said we have a 4.4 blindfolds liability. number one we have retirees who worked long and a hard tossed the city of san francisco and workers that are feasor full. that's something we want to
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avoid and fight against we want to make sure that our seniors have their health care that were second of all the costs for our city a hundreds of thousands of dollars. this year as chairman of our committee b it will grow to $500 million a year over the next 20 years were so preparing prop a does make sure that our cities retirees and their health care is priority for in the further. in thirty years our 4 half a billion dollars liability will be wiped-out off the books and we'll save a lot of money from 5 hundred memorial day's a year down and those hundreds of dollars of million dollars dollars will go toward neighborhood things. and to make sure we put
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ourselves on a course everyone is sporting and i'm proud to be part of. mr. murphy would you recycle to speak to the opposition >> yes. thanks supervisor so far could not it's quite impressive our here to discuss that human resources as the supervisor points out the city has a whole in the retirees health care budget about the half the size of the last budget. now prop a the city sets aside money and that's not a bad thing. the idea that we can just promise things to retirees and not pay for it is obviously not a responsible concept and not something i would endorse, however, prop a is on the hard
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choices that are associated with paipg for a 4 mrs. billion dollars health care be liability. you have to pull that money from somewhere and prop a puts the city on the hook for paying for that obligation that's usually by putting >> funding requirement in the charter but it didn't tell you where that money comes from there has to be taxes in the in the meantime to come up with that money. so the question i would then prop is that prop a leafs unanswered is that where is the money going to come from and we shouldn't put ourselves on the hook >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you. the money isn't coming out of thin air but prop
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b this mauntdz that the city employees contribute 2 percent of their pay. and the city for 2008 matches that with one percent so new employees from as of 2009 two percent of their health care is being saved it's not coming from taxpayers in san francisco it's from city applies from the city and county of san francisco >> mr. murphy. >> sure so one of the troubling points of prop a there's a catch all in the amendment that the contributions of the employee and accident planned contribution by the city are insufficient to meet the requirements of the truth you fund the city is on the hook for the balance. which means in practical terms we have to cut from somewhere
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else or raise taxes. and the picture of retiree health care where we can fund health care on 3 percent of people's annual salaries is a little bit rosy. it's not something we can really bet on with health care costs and benefit costs rising at the, you know, 3 and 44 percent. salaries rising at 3 and 4 percent rather. its far greater than the pace of inflation and greater than the contributions >> so we have a little bit of time level overview left are supervisor farrell when i started working on prop a it was important in san francisco. i made sure we assaulted with
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our labor and all communities. i'm proud to say we have the support of every member of the board of supervisors and the democratic party here in san francisco and the republican party in san francisco. swms the harvey milk club and every single every elected official in is no. this is building on prop c we passed in 2011 and if we can pass prop b we'll pass at the ballot and something we should be product u proud of >> thank you, mr. murphy. >> there are promises and there are commitments. one of the pieces of language on the ballot is about candle lights and the our promises for the roasts health care. setting aside in law that the
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money will be there is a promise. until we condominium the enemy of money to make those commitments work is still a promise. the commitment comes when i put the effort on the table to make health care sewer secure. the promise is nice but we have to figure out how to deliver and the funds that are available so far from the measure that the supervisor vitals i cites are again, a nice probable but that's not realty. when we passed prop a we should know where the resources come from >> we hope this information has been information active. please visit the san francisco sf
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remember the voting t is available in city hall be sure to vo november 5th. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm marconi i'm here to discuss prop b the measure will be before the voters on test november 5th. they have a proposed site called - prop c is an referendum. a referendum is the process by which the voters can proof or reject legislation. a 3 point plus acres is on
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washington street. on 2012 the board of supervisors approved the construction of two mixed used buildings containing 3 hundred residential units and a properly operated fitness space and under parking. in approving the project they adopted the ordinance to there the height limits. the referendum be submitted to the voters for approval or recreation. it will not take effect unless it's pass see if you vote yes. you want the ordinance passes which influences the height along drum street if you vote no. you don't want the owns which increases the heights to take effect. prop b which also concerns the
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washington site qualified after prop c it would create woodworking parks and housing district. the sdrishtd would include two buildings with a total of 1 hundred 21 to nine hundred 41 units and there the building from 84 feet up to 1 hundred and 36 feet. a privately owned a height of 6 stories along embarcadero and payment for the housing fund a public park and open spaces and sidewalks on at least 20 percent of the site and new case to the waterfront and ground floor retail and cafes and under gown car and bicycle parking and
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increased revenue to the port and city. if you vote yes open prop b you want to approve the 8 development site if you vicinity no on prop b i don't want to approve the washington street development project. i'm here with alec the proponent of propose b and c ambassador we're also joined by on opponent of the measure >> i'd like to a start with mr. barb why are you for this as opposed to. >> i'm for the proposition because i cared about the san francisco project & using the waterfront i see this as an opportunity to open up the waterfront by opening up streets that were closed in the dark
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redevelopment stage when the freeway was here blocked by fence and further made ugly by a parking lot. we need in this 3 blocks open vitality spates housing over retail shops and cafes and restaurants we need to turn those into something that's a benefit for people walking along and enjoying the embarcadero >> why are you against it. >> we're using a no vote on prop b and c. number one it changes the height all along this particle of the waterfront to almost double the size the freeway that was torn down. it also is bulky as a favorable field so


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